i look in the mirror


i look in the mirror and i see a monster.

a creature, a cretin, a creep.

where my skin should be flat

there are hills and mountains,

volcanoes ready to erupt.

my nose juts out of my skull,

my nostrils large and distracting,

a witch’s nose creeping out of my body.

my chin does the same,

putting jay leno’s bone structure to shame.

when i smile this accentuates these features,

i am batman’s joker.

i look in the mirror and i see a goddess.

model material, a master of beauty.

once the summer arrives

and the sun comes out,

freckles dance across my nose

and spread towards my cheeks,

ending towards the apples.

my lips are smooth and seamless,

the perfect amount of plump

their light shade of pink

comparable only to

wet n wild’s tickled pink nail polish.

i look in the mirror and i see me.

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