I Let it Go

What is a healthy relationship? When you’re with the person who makes you laugh after you’ve been mad, or love after you’ve been hurt, longs to be with you after being away, or prays to the God that he hopes you stay, then that is the beginning of your happy relationship. The key is talking about everything together.  The key is not judging me when I want to achieve my goals and go back to school. The key is telling me when you’re unhappy with what I have done. Those are the keys to a healthy relationship. Oh, why don’t we start with telling the truth? Tell me why I caught you sneaking out my house at 2 in the morning. Tell me why I saw you hopping in that car with that woman who is not me. Tell me why your phone is always lighting up at the dinner table and when I ask about it, it’s “just work.” But because I love you, I let it go. And because you love me, how about telling me why I caught you talking to that same woman at the grocery store. How about telling me why you always come home after 11 p.m. in her car, smelling like her fragrance. But start at the part where I saw you kissing on her when you got out. You thought I wouldn’t notice you sneaking behind my back. You thought I wouldn’t notice when you called me her name whilst we argued. But because I love you, I let it go. Remember our first date on Valentines Day, vibing at Woodgrill, eating on that steak? Or how about the movies, watchin’ Land Before Time, hugging and kissing whilst holding my hand. The surprise gifts to chilling together. Watching the sunset, laying on the grass, running in the sprinklers to dancing in the kitchen, blasting the 90’s. Now, you tell me where it all went wrong. Someone was being used, I was being played, and the verbal arguments led to the physical arguments. But because I love you, I had to let you go.


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