I Let Go

                                                     You were the smell of the rain

                                                         Like the blood in my veins

You pumped right through me

The person I searched for in a crowded place

Kiss my forehead goodnight

Look me in the eyes

Tell me I’m the sunshine on your rainy day

Listen to my heartbeat faster for you

Everything is black and white but you and I

But you left and I lost myself trying not to lose you

And I walked away thinking you’d follow

My nights seem quieter my days seem longer

Waiting for something that will never happen

I lie wake reminding myself not to feel

I choke on words I never had time to say

                                          I drown in the thoughts I never had time to share

Crazy to think

You use to make me feel like I could walk on water

Now I’m just sinking deeper and deeper

As I inhale my very last breathe

I let go

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I wrote this in a time of struggle, falling for someone who never caught me. I hope yall enjoy this little piece of my heart. 


I like it..!

You definitely put feeling into it.

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