Fri, 11/22/2013 - 12:03 -- devyree


I know you're bitter

i know you're hard headed 

i know you're passionate about never being hurt again 

hold my hand you're safe with me

lock your heart in a box and swallow the key

i feel your cold heartless touch

i know your pain so much

the weight of the world resting on your shoulders and chest

shown the worst you find it hard to give it your best

life is constantly putting you to the test you come out stronger and standing tall

still cant help but feel a little bit of sorrow looking back at it all

wondering how you made it through it all, rock bottom seems a little bit further down when you're tall

anger is pushed down sitting in your stomach

but you're still acting like you're okay like life is fine and you love it

countless times of being burned and hurt

you pick up your heart and dust off the dirt

still you smile

telling your self it happens to everyone and its worth while

never mind the cowards way out you've worked to hard to be a quiter

but you know that you are just a little bit bitter.



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