I Know My History

I remeber my history, I remember it well
I remember the love and the betrayal
We started off in Africa the land of kings and queens
There we were great and taught our beliefs
We lived without turmoil and chaos and pain
But thus there were some who lived in vain
Our own people sold us where no one could be saved
Our own people sold us and we became slaves
Across the water the oceans and seas
We were shipped to those dreadful countries
There we were sold once more to the highest bid
We were treated like cattle, or chickens or pigs
Years pass by and some of us escape
With Harriet Tubman leading the way
In 1863 we let freedom ring
Because according to law we were finally free
But the struggle wasn't over not even close
They came up with cruel laws called black codes
We tried to live with it cause at least we were free
But a boy thought it was wrong his name was Dr. Martin Luther King
He helped end segregation god bless his heart
But alas someone killed him he was doomed from the start
Here it is 2014 and we've come a long way
But we still succumb to the ways of a slave
We are a weapon of self-destruction and we slowy will die
If we don't work as one we need each other to survive
I know my history it is honest and true 
I know my history do you


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