I Know A Man

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 00:15 -- Solja



I know a man

Who's different from

The one you usually see


'Cause he hides himself

Behind a mask

Which he removes for nobody


You might see him at church

Or at the mall

But don't expect any change


For his true ID

Is shrouded in mystery

And won't be let out of it's cage


He goes to school

And pretends to be

A person that he's not


So why be fake?

Why not be real?

Why not give himself a shot?


Because he wants to be accepted

And just pretend that he

Can be somebody everyone likes


Too bad his true self

Won't fit in

'Cause he doesn't fit a stereotype


He comes off as quiet

But he's always listening

Hoping that eventually


He can have the chance to be real

But that rarely happens



The moments where he can

Reveal himself

End up just fading away


And his thoughts

Just pass and he gives up fast

Feeling he has nothing to say


He hides his identity

And tries to lie

With no thought for the beauty inside


In truth he's pretty funny

And cool

But that side of him he hides


Like I said

I've met him before

And his mood isn't all that blue


So who is this man?

The man in the mask

Well why don't I just tell you


He's close to me

A true best friend

One I can count on indefinitely


I look in the mirror

And all I can see

Is his face staring straight back at me



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