Before I Knew What Love Was!!#BeacuseILoveYou

I'm tired of crying

I'm tired of feeling stupid

I'm tired of feeling empty inside

Because I love you I forgot everyone else

Beacause I love you I sacrificed everything for you

Because I love you I went the extra mile for you

But,at the end of the day you still broke my heart

You still left my heart shattered in pieces

You still left me out to drown

But,I met someone new

Someone who shows me respect

Someone who shows me they care

Most of all someone who shows me love 

So,before I knew what love was I was blind

I was careless and,

I was a fool

Why all of that?

Because I loved you



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This is some of my best work.I was influenced by something like this that went on in my life.So I hope everyone who reads this learn from what i been through and learn more about love then I did.Thank you for giving me this oppurtunity to say what I had to asy and I hope I can do it again.

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