I Kept A Smile


In this world of difficulty
I was struggling with life
I was bothered physically
But I kept a smile.


It took me awhile
To express my problems
But I didn't forget to smile


People loved it, so i realized
Why not make it my style
I was being idealized 
So I kept a smile


Some days I felt tired of grinning
I felt useless like a spile
People wondered why I stopped smiling
To keep them happy I kept a smile


Life introduced me to a new subject
His name was probably Kyle
He thought he was so perfect
I kicked him and kept my smile


I analyzed him like prey
It was only for awhile
He became very stray
And as usual I kept a smile


He came in my sight up for a fight
I found him very vile
I thought he would bite
But I kept a smile


The fight was in my favor
He was sad, Poor Kyle
He admitted that I was braver 
So I gave him a smile.

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Beautiful I'm glad you stay positive about life and that is a rare thing good poem

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