I just want someone to

I just want someone to love me for who I really am. Handle me with my snort laughs, and my obnoxiously dark sense of humor. Hold me close when I’m anxiety ridden and full of pain. Stare at me adoringly when I’m feeling insecure, keep me warm when I’m constantly cold.


I just want someone to accept me for me. The terrible way I drink too much caffeine and can’t seem to stop overthinking. How I laugh at bad things, and cry over good things. Adore me for the way I take care of my family. Handle my taking up way too much closet space and my demands for the need to be ravished often.


I just want someone to be weird with me. Put our beds together in Minecraft and binge watch TV. Walk with me in the forest and read with me by the lake. Talk with me until late hours and assess music videos to build them up or tear them down. Make out in the theatres, and late night trips to get fast food. Lounging in pajamas telling dirty stories and laughing until we collapse. Late nights up gaming and trying to compete with each other, movie nights with take out and lazy tounge kissing that leads to more and more and more.


I just want someone who can be part of my life. All it’s ups and downs and crazy music induced road trips. Midnight trips to the store, stopping randomly for adventures and star gazing in the middle of nowhere. All the living room hip hop dance parties and nights of glow bowling using gamer tags. Every torturous family reunion and every lazy day spent in bed. Fighting over dirty dishes, cooking delicious food together in aprons, knowing what each other is thinking from across a crowded room with just one look. Part of my family, part of my home, part of my world.


I just want someone who can be the other part of me. I would lying if I said I wasn’t wishing it was you.


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