I Just Want to Make Art


I believe that if you work, you should do something you love.

Follow your passion, take action, and elevate yourself above

that everyday grind. Elevate yourself above that average state of mind.

Take time and find that one special thing you can do to unwind,

but still put food on the table because life doesn't have a rewind,

you only get one try, one shot, one chance, one roll of that die.

So stop your procrastanation. Stop stalling.

I did, and I think I've found my calling.

Because living a life you don't enjoy is as good as living a lie,

and if I'm miserable my whole life, then why even try?

I mean one of these days we all have to die,

so why not enjoy every minute? Am I right?

I set my sights to follow a relative of mine,

an Aunt who I used to visit back in the summertime.

She was the manager of a company specializing in graphic design,

and art had always been a hobby of mine,

so I decided then and there on the spot I stood

to follow that career. Now I'm following the dreams of my childhood.

I want to get out of my two horse neighborhood.

I want to leave the problems of my past for good.

I want to enjoy my life the way that everyone should.

So I follow my passion, everyday working a little bit harder,

and everyday I find myself surpassing the day before, getting bit farther

down the road to the city where that daily grind

is a smile on my face, art, and a long bike ride.

I just want to be in a place where I can create and inside myself find

the silver linings sprinkled all over life.

It takes nothing but time and an education,

mix in love for what you do pour in determination.

This four-part recipe will always result in life elevation,

It just so happens I'm following in the footsteps of a close relation

to to find that jubilation I seek in my occupation.

I just want to make art.




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