I Just Want To Know.


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I just want to know,
how far this poem will go.
Will it reach you at sea?
Will you be thinking of me?
Will you hear it in your sleep?
Will you think about about it when you weep?
Or maybe when you're too weak to speak.
If you travel the world, will you let it follow you?
Will you give it a chance?
Or just pass it off as a last slow dance?
Like a boy who has never known true romance.
Will it mean something to you?
Or will it leave you with nothing but a senseless clue?
That one that leaves you not knowing what to do.
I want to know,
how far this poem will go,
Hopefully far enough to reach you,
Keep you warm and hold you.
Prove to you that words can travel miles away,
Strong enough to make you stay,
Soft enough to whisper away,
That I miss you each and everyday...

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I love this poem! You've injected the feelings of two distant lovers into your words and I enjoyed the read!

Have you every thought about giving your poems a touch of personality? For example, you might insert a memory between the two lovers or briefly mention a characteristic of either.


This is adorable, it made my day.

Lilith Ever

I really liked this poem alot


One word "beautiful it is by far the best poem I reed in awhile. My favorite part is "Strong enough to make you stay, soft enough to whisper away.


You are freaking amazing.. i love it! Great job!! Keep writing!


This is beautiful. Like, downright b.e.a.utiful.




Wow...I can really understand this poem




I love this poem


this was a really great poem, it was nice being able to visualize to lovers yearning for one another. 




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