I just wanna say the truth - Depression

*NOTE* I wrote this when I was sad. Right now i'm in the best place possible so don't worry about me

theres no where left to run, theres no where left to hide. All I can do is build it up inside. They took it all away, theres no more normality left on me. If I let the demons out, I would have to start all over again. Can’t take being told that it will end. It’s like a never ending loop except this time i’ve lost it all. You really will believe it all just to take it away. It’s just the never-ending pain just here to stay. You fake it, you make it, you say it, you pay it. Yes, you pay the price of speaking your mind. It makes you blind, it makes you defined. You get told that you have one problem and see the rest of your life reminded that you resign with one word. That word being depression. I can’t start to explain how it affects you even when your happy.

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