I hope you treat her right

I hope you treat her right.

Like a real daddy should.

I hope you give her everything

Like a real daddy might.


This is your do over

To show you can be a good dad

I must’ve done something wrong

But Maybe you can love her


You left when I was little

and never seemed to care.

Why you never loved me

Will be an everlasting riddle.


You never kissed my head

Or told me that you missed me.

You went to the bar

And fished instead.


I’ve spent my whole life trying

To be someone I thought you would like

It never seems to matter,

And I’m tired of crying.


You may never have loved me.

And you probably never will.

But I pray that someday

You open your eyes and see.


I’m someone you should be proud of,

I should be your pride and joy.

But now you are out of time,

I have had enough.


Now you have a new little girl

With a different wife.

Maybe this time you can appreciate

The time that goes by in a whirl.


I pray that you will give her

Everything I lacked

Because no little girl deserves

Not feeling the love of her dad.



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