I Hope


"I hope you always find a reason to smile. "-Anonymous


In the events that occurred

I hope you find what you've been missing

Even though you had to hurt me in the process of doing it

I hope that you find someone, anyone

Who loves you

Who cares for you

Who wants you and needs you

In the way that I couldn't, the way you never gave me the chance to

I hope that she is as beautiful







As you said I was

Or at least I hope you meant those words

I hope that she sees you the way that I see you








Because you are those things and I mean it

I'm sorry I never told you enough

I hope that she holds you tight and never lets go

God only knows how much I want to 

I hope that she stays faithful to you 

Because you deserve someone who means it when they say

"You're all that I want" 

I hope that she motivates you in everything you do

That she supports you no matter what 

I hope she lifts you up when you’re feeling down

That she wipes your tears if you cry

That she protects you from any and everyone that tries to hurt you

I hope that if you find this girl, you never let her go

That you never leave her no matter the circumstance

I hope that the promises you make to her stay true

That you don’t turn your back on her

That you don’t leave her 



Crying over you

The way I did 

I hope that you marry this girl

That you start a family with her

I hope that your children look just like you

And see the amazing man that I see

I hope that the both of you stay together forever

The way I wanted us to





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