I Have The Write To Live

Friends come and go 

Buh the feelings never change 

our eyes only open 

In the midst of all our pain 

We're so focused on ourselves 

And our lives and our dreams 

We put others on the shelf 

Notice it when it's too late

I'm sposed to get out the koolaid 

Cuz y'all lives don't concern me 

Buh i feel that's it's my right 

To witness life cuz I'm learning 

I'm only 17 Buh I'm feelin like I'm 30 

I got so much left to do before my body gets buried 

I saw u die at 26 I know I gotta hurry 

I saw u in that casket 

I saw my life right before me 

I know I'm livin dirty 

Not doin Wat I should 

U know Wat makes it worse 

I ain't grow up in the hood 

My moms ain't really struggle 

My pops was right here 

6 foot 6 

White skin and blonde hair 

They split when I was 10 

And I started from right there 

 Imma be a king

When I swallow my fear 

Writing is my outlet 

That means it gives me power 

I promise To still be writing 

Until my final hour 

No longer feel like a coward 

No longer feel insecure 

I hate all the rain showers 

Buh I love that it makes me pure 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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