I Have No Reason

I have no reason,


It's not because I think I have nothing to offer this place,



I have no reason

I have no reason to try and recreate the past to make the present bearable.


I'm tired of the temporary flame.


I'm tired of feeding the darkness parts of myself I thought were useless,

That I deemed unlovable,

Even when I was told the ugly can be beautiful.

Because what is actual self-worth without pain?


I've seen weeds grow in concrete crevices,

Trees grow through abandoned buildings.

I think maybe a part of me could have the will to live like that,

The notion that I can be something despite the overwhelming feeling that I'm not.


The desire to reach the sun so badly that I'll break through walls,

To make the best with what I am handed,

Because life goes by too quickly for me to continue to hang my head.

Roses are laid on the lid when it's over, but I am still here.


I pronounced myself dead before I even had a chance to breathe. 



This world is much bigger than what I've made it to be,

A small fish in a big pond doesn't even begin to sum it up. 

No, I've been swallowing swords and walking the tight-rope to appease


No, this place isn't the circus, my inner lion has yet to be tamed. 

The words and lyrics I craft have a sharper edge and more meaning.

The power and soul behind each chord I build from the ground up

Allows for a greater distance between myself and a daunting ledge



I no longer dwell just because I don't know what else to do

I have greater mountains to climb over,

I dont have time to ask what could've been


I'll admit there's still that hope somewhere inside me,

I'm done being miserable.

I have no reason to be, I'm an uncaged bird.

I have no reason anymore. 





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