I Have to learn to love myself!

I seem to love everything, especially my master,

I never really loved myself or understand how.

My heart is so big that I love everyone,

Then turn around and can’t love myself.

I just don’t understand how I can love everyone,

And can’t even love myself.


It’s not like no one taught me,

I just didn’t understand all the time and still don’t.

I’m a child that goes to church every Sunday,

I come home and its sadness all over again.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t love so hard,

Like I actually want be a cold hearted person.


I can’t do it although, my heart is humongous,

All the times it’s been broken I still love hard.

I want to learn how to love myself before I graduate,

I’m just tired of loving people and no one else loves me.

When I finally learn how to love myself,

I can finally really focus on what’s important to me.



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