I Have Chosen


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(poems go here) They say, “Look at your life and look at your choices." I have chosen to stay single because the choices I made before had leaded me to a dark road. Being lied to just to get what they want and being criticize because I didn’t. I have chosen to receive a higher education because others were choosing a life that I didn't want to live. Lives were the only thing surrounds me is poverty and drugs. I have chosen to give up on some people because they have given up on me. Those were my friends never my family. So I have looked at my life and see the decisions that I have made. I have regrets and I made mistakes, but I am a better person today for the choices that I have made. I have told lies, I have cheated, and I have chosen someone that I knew wasn’t right for me. I have chosen to be a writer to express the feelings that were made. I have written poetry to express feelings that can’t be spoken. I have chosen to listen to others when no one wants to because I have been ignored too. I have chosen to become me, because I did not want to be like everyone else. I have chosen to stand out, be unique, and positive.


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