I hate shapes

dear world, 

and people that love math, 

and shapes, 

and lines and boxes, 

I think you should know that these things are dumb and pointless. 

(except circles) 

Sure they're okay to describe. They give meaning you say.   

They do, it's true. They trap us in description.   

they try to trap theamaphorousfluiddesignthatisaperson 

they trapped me. 

I spent so long trying not to be "square" and be the right shape 

to stay "in shape", to "fit in"  

and I'm here to tell you that your system is stupid.  

People drawing lines around other people. 

"No, your not in. " 

well you know what? 

you can take back your rules  

cuz i don't need a ruler to make me draw straight lines. 

I like my furniture lopsided. 

I like my handwriting, all crooked and sloppy. 

I like my gardens messy and bright.  

don't ever tell me to draw inside the lines. 

you could say i'm just a rebellious kid. i'll grow out of it. no reason to worry. 

but i've always been this way  

and the only thing i've grown out of is your childish shapes 

and if i ever do find my parallel, my missing piece  

i will raise my children to be just the same 

flawless, lawless, and wild.  




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Jai Garg

Parallel lines as you go deep make you believe in beauty shapes, figures and random unlimited outlines!


Thanks for leaving a comment:) Glad you liked it.

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