I Hate Being Lazy


United States
42° 51' 51.606" N, 87° 54' 49.9212" W

I hate having to sit on my ass all day
Though most people would in a heartbeat
At first, lack of movement seemed okay
But now I feel my butt glued to the seat

I hate having so much time just for me
Though most people beg for time alone
At first, things were all fine and dandy
But now I feel lonely, just hear me groan

I hate having to live in this built-up swill
Though most people never want to clean
At first, I felt hygiene was my free will
But now I feel gross and can’t be seen

I hate having to sleep all day to sate
Though most people would kill for rest
At first, it felt great to rejuvenate
But now I feel restless and stressed

I hate being lazy, as I have been so long
Though most people would trade places
At first, it felt right, now it feels wrong
So now my lazy schedule will be replaced


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