I Had A Thought


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I had a thought
I had a thought as I sat in my room trying to make sense of my life
Trying to make sense of the rejection, the difficulty, the strife
Not the strife of finding food to survive or clothes to put on my back or even a shelter to live in
I’m talking about the strife to actually find out who I am, what am I here for, when is it going to happen, and why I can’t figure out me
I had a thought about being unsure of myself and belittling me to suit what others believe
Satisfying the complexities of others definition of me and who I’m supposed to be
Still not knowing that the unwanted yearning of being what you said I am and doing the things you say I do is not the path I should be walking
The path of broken glass and smelly trash only there to mash my hopes and dreams of finding me
I had a thought
I had a thought of how I used to be free with dignity and a sense of where I was going
Funny thing about being young
What’s right is whatever your mom says or your teachers says
Not knowing the reality of life and how you know the answer of whatever questions you have rolling off your tongue
The same tongue that got you in trouble for whenever you disagreed or proved a point and stuck by it
Got struck by it, the same hand that comforted you when you were sick or crying
I had a thought about whether or not to live a life of happiness being the term people call weird when I call it me
That’s it. Me. M...E. My Everything
Everything about me from the size of my feet to the size of my hand
From the way that I talk to the way that I walk
From the cup of my chest to ya’ll know the rest
From the color of my skin to the way that I grin
I had a thought
I had a thought that I was made to be me with no difficulty
I was made to be me and that’s where I’ll be


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