"I Had to Save You"


I entered into an unfamiliar room

Didn’t know what to come of it.

Leaving old friends behind

Will always leave a wound


Looking for the light

I ended up finding you

Held onto you tight

And I didn’t feel so blue


Suddenly this room felt familiar

I’ve felt this way before

Another timeline?

In another lifetime?


Felt my soul pushing me closer

Leaving me with much exposure

Our connection grew

And we both knew


Making the beautiful colors,

Leaving imprints on our souls

Newly blank canvases

And painting out of control


Messes were made

Individually, we prayed

Hoping we could clean up,

The chaos we created


Going back in circles and circles

Jumping over the same hurdles

We remain the same from the start

Tearing each other apart


We left scars and stains

And yes, there was pain

But I will do it all over.

If it means to meet you again and do it better.


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