I guess this is growing up

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 16:43 -- lucas


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I fumble about the halls for the last first day
Watching all the underclassmen, scurry on their way
I sit through the last first day, of free school
Thinking, over … the summer, I should have made a visit to the pool
Thinking, I might make this year my first and only blow out
But three weeks in I find it hard to go out
They keep telling me, I need to gather up my knowledge
To make all these papers, look pretty…I think they call them applications for college
But how would I know what it is I want out of life
I’m still dealing with all my personal strife
Yet still they tell me, I should hurry and apply
But truly, all I want is another piece of pie
You know, that last piece of glorious childhood
Sitting around, eating candy and watching cartoons that were good
Don’t get me wrong, I still watch cartoons with all the past feel
Though now if feels as if I’ve lost my zeal
But all these transitions are just the march of time so I’m told
So I’m gonna take these changes, and go for the gold
Because I once heard it in a song
The sound in a movie I haven’t seen in so long
The line was “time may change me, but I can change time”
Now I KNOW I won’t go through this life as a mime
My voice will be heard, loud and clear
Though some may be deaf, it is me they will hear
As I now prepare to take my leave
But wait, there are two things I want you to do, one of them is breathe
And the other
Well that one’s a mother
Just remember, anytime you feel time has the pass
I want you to get up
Catch up
And tell time what’s up
You tell time, this all apart of growing up


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