I Grew

Mon, 05/06/2019 - 16:47 -- Adurr12

I see myself walking in a line behind several people.

In the distance I see a stage,

Looking around I see a crowd of blurry faces,

My feet feel heavy like cinder blocks.

I continue to drag on.

My head feels weightless like it is floating on a cloud.

My heart is racing like cars speeding around a race track.

As I get closer to the stage I can see smiling faces.

A few more steps and I will reach them.

Suddenly I stop walking,

Then I hear my name being called.

Suddenly, the crowd of people starts cheering.

I walk across the stage with a grin as wide as a river.

I reached out my hand.

 I now hold my diploma.

My smile is wider than before.

As I walked off the stage I knew that I was a grown up.

Before this moment I did not know how huge this step was.

I made it,

I grew,

I was once a seed,

Now I am a beautiful flower.   

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