I Gave My Love to a World that Never Gave It back to me

I gave my love to a world that never gave it back to me

It's crelties are unmeasured

As Boundless as the sea

And so I asked the World why it was so hard on me


Why was I met with scorn for only ever trying to be myself

A world that broke me down so many times, it was a wonder I even got up

And made me believe that mediocrity was part of my name

That I was less than the sum of my parts

Mademe think that each compliment was secrectly a joke


Somewhere between never getting a rose on Valentine's Day and feeling like just  another face in

the background, an extra in the movie that was somone elses life,

the World told me I wasn't good enough

told me that I was a broken toy

that nobody would ever want

Thrust out into a world of hate

When all I ever wanted was to be loved

And all I ever did was give my love to a world that didn't care


And I felt the Love that I gave the world turn into the poision it gave me

A world so cruel that some find Death a kinder mistress

But no matter how much this world tries to bury me beneath it

I'll keep fighting


Each time you break me down, each tear that I shed will only ever make me stronger

With each look in the mirror I tell myself I am so much more that what you ever thought I could be

That no matter what others say I am and will only ever to continue to be beautiful

Beacuse I am winning a war against a World that never gave it's love to me

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