I Fight for Myself


I feel this flame

Shall we all burn together

All of us who believe

Believe in the one true above

And if we should die tonight

We shall raise a glass

A glass of fire

To show this world

We are not the end

We are merely the beggining

They throw their laws

They prepare their battles

But we have already won this war

For we stand strong

Behind a burning wall

We set ablaze our stances

And our power

Shall hold us above

And my people have fallen far

For we have a name

That labels us good or bad

Messages mixed

Intentions twisted

Jailtime they call for

Our blood is dripping on this land

For we fight

Fight for what

Fight for freedom

For it is being stripped away

With every constitutional right

I no longer speak freely

For I am held by a law

This breeze hits like a tornado

And we stood behind a rock for too long

And now we are burning upon this land

Keep careful my sisters and brothers

We walk on burning coals

We fight a hidden battle

Between God and Hell

And If we shall lose this battle

May our blood drown this world

For we shall never be forgotten

They push us to the edges of this planet

 One day we shall all dissapear

And they will see our flames blaze on the mountains

Hear our roars in the ocean waves

Hear our whispers in the wind

For this war

Will end

But for now we battle for our freedom

Freedom of religion

Freedom to be who we are

I see this fire burning the paper

Our foundations were founded

I see this blaze burning our power

But we are not supported by this earth

And these materials

For our power...

Lies within something bigger

Something higher

This battle will end in fire

But I shall be free

For I fight

Fight for myself








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