I Don't want to Grow Up!

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 11:20 -- hillc

The more I grow the more I wish to stay young, which may sound silly but all I want is fun.

So fruitful and beautiful, eyes all aglow full of curiosity and wonder that one can bestow. 

Not having to worry when time passes by as a smile spreads across my face feeling just fine.

A dream of being young slowly fades away, but what more can I ask wishing for it to stay.

The little things in life you see as a child you thought of happily but, now think of no more now.

I blossomed and did not think of this cruel cruel world until my foot crossed the white line of adulthood.

Oh, how I fear it of how it can change me and how to feel as it grows inside me.

Those growing pains that don't float like a calm river but splash hard like rough waves on a stormy day.

So, Twenty you are just around the corner! as I dread it now as it comes closer.

How can this fear change me as I am no longer innocent in this world called earth?

The demon spawn called reality eating at those childhood fantasies as there is nowhere to run away.

What can be done to change the world? that is nothing! nothing can change Adulthood.

I change, I grow. I scream and I cry but nothing can change it has already come.


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