I Dont Know


I don't know what this poem is going to be about

I don't Know where I going to go with this but I sure will try

Maybe it should be about music? Poetry? God?

Passions of mine.

Mabye It should be about stuff that matters like Bullying or the latest trends

Maybe about the media today "You don't got the answers Sway!"

I say mockingly as I laugh at Kanye West.

Then thats when it hits me.

I laughing at a man with millions of dollars

As I struggle with grades, money, school.

Pulling out my hair trying to find a way to pay for college.

The only thing I have besides my fasfa is my faith

This may sound so cliche.

but I need to stop strssing and get my head in the game.

My spirit is on E, I keep going because Im being drivin by Jesus himself

As I take the passenger seat to my present, leaving the past behind me

On the way to my future.

I dont need a GPS because I know my God will Guide me.



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