I Dont Do That


I Dont Do That!

I Dont shape shift. Idont bend and i wont break
I unmoldable im not puddy in your hands
I dont copy i have my own style my own rules
I dont need to be pleasing to your eyes to be whole
You telling me im pretty or cool is not the defining moment in my life.
I have something in me that you can never comprehend
I have the ability to be myself and be ok with that.
I have the power to wake up everyday and look in the mirror
And be perfectly content. I dont need your make up and hair weaves
I dont need the latest shoes or hottest looks. Me myself and I walk out the
Door with pride every single day
I Dont do Jays on my feet i dont do lace fronts i dont
Need your Mac i dont need your chanel i dont need your dior i dont want the attention i dont care for like. I do need ten thousand followers
To me im stunning , charming , talented everything i ever wanted to be
Should i change How i feel because you think less of me. To me i am the definition of i woke up like this. Im perfect.Im un bothered by your opinions .Im Flawless

By:Tatiana Pettiford
Creative arts morgan village academy
12th grade
18yrs old


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