I don’t understand…..Racism

Yes, my skin is brown as milk chocolate,
Yes, my hair is black and thick as wool,
Yes, my lips are full,
Yes, the way I carry myself and the way I sway my hips date back to the motherland,
I AM BLACK….But is that why they really fear.
Skin color really is the main trend in this year?
I don’t understand all races bleed the same….RED
Breathe the same air,
Walks the same earth,
And prays to a GOD….

Neither race is near to being perfect,
But for years being lighter is what people really wanted.
Many blacks bleaching their skin,
And forget who they were for society.
How can you judge a person based off the surface,
Do you dive in pool because it looks deep?
I’ll wait while you think.
Why change who you are,
Society needs to teach kids to love their race,
Instead of teaching race hate…..NO ONE IS BORN RACIST….IT IS TAUGHT
Why label a whole race because of one,
Why label us lazy when we help build the nation,
Is it because we don’t work for free,
Or is that we choose when to do things when we feel the need,
And it’s not on your time.

Why are we labeled unruly?
Is it the fact that we hold the pain of the people before us?
Is it that we have seen the brutal actions on our people?
And now we stand as one,
And refuse for our race to be hurt again.

I cannot begin to grasp the idea that a race is being wrongfully treated
Due to their skin color…..
One question we can all ask…..
What would life be like if we all were treated equally?

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Our world


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