I Competed

I Competed against your departure of love
with pain you left me
when at a terrestrial time
you died
in a body
but not in soul
but not in love

I Competed against my own life
to continue fighting
with the doubt of the wound
of not follow
for not having your absence
Because you were already dead
Because I already had not tears

Maybe life was afraid
of your strength
as when you almost die
And you got up from the fall
And there you reborn
with injured wings

I competed against I can't
against I have to
the same if I want I can
I died living here in this body
when I knew
you had returned in your next life

I competed with my agony
of never to see the most beautiful
my eyes of the soul
first viewed
Of the more than beautiful
I always saw in life
Was you

As when it returns
the exalted cheerful vision to a blind man
What a deep sadness
It wasn't worth seeing again
if it returned my look back
and you left already

I Competed the strong and sad joy
Of life
The valuable tiredness
to know that I love you
and you loved me

I competed with the same loneliness
With rabies
The same mundane envy

Competed to know that although
you left of me
like everything is going well
It tasted me the same melancholy
mine for loving you
with this so much intensity.
-Jonatan Vega


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