I Choose to Fly


I thought I found my strength in a girl singing for acceptance

Then I thought I was a caged bird

Lame, old and helpless

Now I know, I was but a bird’s chick

A woman’s baby, spoon fed all my life and feeling homesick

At every moment of separation from my comfort zone

And now something won't let me mature

Just won't let me out and

Putting words in my mouth

 mother's crime against nature: instead of pushing me out the nest

She holds me close to the chest

I refuse to be forever held up by wings that aren't my own

I'll make a choice for my life to take myself to the edge

And get ready to dive

I may be lame after all

When has that ever stopped me?

Not ever

At least not forever

As I get ready to fall

Will I flap my wings my very best?

Instead of fearing being forgotten, hurt, and wizened

My only thoughts as I look at the horizon

Are not “What am I going to do?

I don’t want to die!”

But rather “What awaits me beyond that pail blue?”

I choose to fly


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