I Breathe You In

I breathe you in
You fill my soul
I cannot help it
I have no control
My soul is dark
It needs your light
I do not struggle
I put up no fight
I'd let you take me
If you'd want my life
It's full of struggle
And filled with strife
For these reasons
You'd pass it by
No need for excuses
No need for lies
I do not blame you
For continuing past
Nobody wants to be harrassed
This life I live is nothing but trouble
Do not let it infect your precious bubble
Still I'll sit here and breathe in as much as I can
Alone in the dark, a lonely fucking man.

*Allen Bais* 4/28/20



Lonely  fucking man :

Who knows you best will be able to love you „ truly“ and from the heart, that is, adjusting to your  reality and not to your lie.

Precious you have embroidered!

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