I Am...Me

I am-

The light upon your face

The body of the human race 

I am- 



I am-

A crumpled paper on the road

The one who dances for the show

But always gets thrown with tomatoes 

I am-



I am-

The one who's sits and cries 

When things are not alright 

I bury my head in woes 

And people pass by, no one knows 

The tear that sheds upon my clothes

I am-



I am-

The follower

The crowder 

The valence electron

The one you stepped on

The cry baby 

Who says yes or maybe

Frowned upon

Disappoinment drawn

The mental health disorder

The disorganized order

The apple the fell hard

The trembled bodyguard

I am-



What I really am- 

A flower

That needs a little shower

So I can rise higher 

Release the wires 

Unleash the powers

Let go of it all 

Let the past just fall

Be reminded 


That I am-


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