I am...Me

Wake up in the morning drinking from unsatisfied milk

Showering in something that doesn't feel like silk

I'm desperate, searching for my meaning 

But, I am me 


Slipping in my shoes, putting on something used

Take my daily pill and go to school just for show

I'm trying to be an artist, but I don't know my direction 

But, I am me


Spank my ass for trying and I know I'm getting better

Pulling in the atmosphere, check my phone...with nobody there

I'm in between two worlds looking for my path

I know I'm gonna reach the top and can't choose the weather

Remember, I know I'm getting better


Chilling on the corner, reflecting on my days

Not going to pass away

Complete school, get a job, find my career, find out how to steer


It's all going to my brain

I fell the time passing away

You see me reading the news

I'm worrited about you and how you're actin'

...I am me.

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