I Am Who I Am

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 12:29 -- Romeo

Who am I

Is a question

I'm asked on the daily

Well I'll tell you

Just to clear up

All the confusion

I'm a gay 17 year old male

With a past that would send you

The shivers

I've been raped and neglected

Bashed and discriminated too

I've been cut with scissors

And told I wasn't good enough

I believed in it 

For the longest time to

That I wasn't good enough to live

And no longer fit enough

To walk the face of this earth

That I was a disgrace for who I liked

And what I liked to do

But now I've grown older

And can finally see clearly

I no longer let my past decide

Who I am as a person

I don't have to be

That scared little boy anymore

Today when people see me

They stop and stare in surprise

For they haven't really seen me

Not for who I truly am

I'm a gay 17 year old male

But that doesn't define me

I'm one of a kind

And no one can be me

Or bring me down

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