I Am A Warrior.

I am a faulty weapon,
I am a failed disease.
I represent  oppression,
I continue causing grief.
I have one mission and one mission true,
The mission set to destroy all things blue.
I focus my mind on things so unkind,
Softly subtly fighting things in my mind.
I have this way, this inconceivable way,
To push all things saddening far far away.
It's been great for my attitude and great for my mind,
Sometimes though I feel like a meaning I can't find.
I define myself now as a piece of art,
I'm a warrior, a fighter, a brand new start.
With my actions I've found a load of forgiveness,
and for this my thanks are forever endless. 
I once could be defined as a loss of all hope,
I could have been looked at as no way to cope.
Now I've released my anger through these propositioned works,
And the love that I feel is more than just perks.
I'm happy, content, with the way I've been feeling,
My composure to others can be more than appealing.
I am a survivor, a fighter, I am a strong believer,
I am my own hero, in this world with harsh demeanor.
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