I Am Two

I Am Two

By: Autumn Alston

I am two. Two worlds forged together, each crippled by negative history,

Two forces, diametrically opposed, when combined, producing a mystery.

“What are you?” They say, as I am ambiguous to the eye,

The conflicting sides of our world do not mix, why would anyone try?

I am two. Too much bad, a concoction of struggle and greed of man,

The slavemaster, the conqueror, hatred in their hearts and whips in their hands.

The overt stripping of humanity would one day cease, with hope circling the air,

Yet Jim Crow lurking, sweeping the South, another era of savageness to bear.

And another people exist, riddled by fear,

Centuries of lesser than, rendering “tough guys” and not enough tears.

Men abandoning their offspring, drugs and women, the thrill of the chase,

Still possessing a hurt mentality, gun on their waist.

But these are the sad tales, the clouds in the sky,

Dr. Angelou told us rainbows are present, to open our eyes.

I am two. Human rights on one end, spread to the world,

Feeding the homeless, healing the ill, providing education to boys and girls.

Standing for equality and signing laws to advance civil rights,

Walking with brother King, and feeling his plight.

I am two. A people with incredible resilience, marching despite their long path,

Preaching non violence, when violence surrounded them, singing amid the laughs.

The greatest athletes the world has ever seen, and brilliant minds fill classrooms and halls,

Show us that heart and head can overcome, and courage one of the greatest traits of them all.

I am two. Two peoples theoretically different, but now walking together as one,

There are no strangers, just a big family, that “random” boy in the corner is our son.

I am white, and I am black, once lost I have now found my place,

I may be two, but I am mixed as one, and I see my beauty as God’s grace.







I am speachless. I love everything about this poem due to its symbolic meaning.


Thanks so much! Please share it! This poem is my heart

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