I am Thoughts, yet I am Not

Wed, 09/02/2015 - 11:09 -- ekot19

I am thoughts yet I am not,
For how could thoughts be made to walk?
How could thoughts be ones to speak
When no lips they have to seal?
People talk and people say
Thoughts are what we are these days.
Yet darling look me in the eye
Drop what people claim to know
Just take a look at this disguise
At this thing we call a body.
Tell me look me in the heart
And then reach up to brush my thoughts,
See how not aligned they are
See how jumbled they've become.
Yes I know the thoughts I own
And maybe what they claim about me
Yet thoughts are what we say
In our minds when no one hears.
They are secrets,
They are lies,
They are not who we become.
And here you ask me who am I
Yet tell me do we really know
Anyone who knows themselves?
You may ask them who are they
And they will sit there for a minute
And they will wonder just a bit
For even we don't know ourselves
When the world is ever changing.


I would like to say I'm wind
The one which blows between the leaves.
It is pleasant, unexpected
It is gentle yet a tease.
I would like to think I'm beauty
I am what can catch a glimpse
But I look so very different
Just like every person here.
But if beauty is what we are
So how can I not be that too?
Even though I don't believe it,
In a way it is true.
I am not a pretty face though
That a girl is said to have.
I am single me who blends in
In a million people crowd.


I would like to say I'm hail storms
The lightning, hail and thunder clouds.
I have gone through my own rain storms
And I feel them even now.
I was trapped against the thunder
And the lightning touched my skin
I thought burns won't last forever
And yet look at what they did.
So ever since that hail storm
I've hid away from many more
Those sharp droplets were not we lcome
They were what I feared the most.
Yet my fears do not define me
I am not what I do not wish.


So you'll ask me even now,
Tell me who you are
 And I will look at you with silence,
For even I don't know.
I am the girl that smiles
When the clouds had blown away.
I am the girl that stumbles
But always finds my way.
I am not a body nor a number
Or what society claims to be.
I am my actions
And my knowledge
Not what's there outside to see.
There is no word that quite describes me
And there isn't a word for you.
For words were not meant to be people
They aren't always speaking truth.
You won't find me in any pages
For I am different, as are you.
I am the girl who won't be named
Because names don't fit us too.
I am simply unexpected
Since I always grow.
And if I grow you can't expect me
To just simply know.
I will learn of who I am
When my end is probably near,
But for now I am a girl
I am a girl who lives.

So I will smile as you see me,
And you simply say "you're odd."
But my eyes will slightly brighten,
The wind will cease its blow,
Then the world waits for my answer,
And I'll simply say,
"I know."

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