i am stuck, lonly, cold, and broken

frozen in the past/ i am stuck,lonely,cold,and broken/when on the out side im smiling/ its on the inside im dien/when on the outside im dieing/ its on the inside im crying/i am stuck,lonly,cold,and broken/my body is frozen in the past/now all i will ever feel/is the wind of novembers breeze/now i will never feel/ the wormth of mays sun/ or the flowers once again/i am stuck, lonely, cold, and broken/i love to draw, write poems, and sing/i love the trees in the fall/ and i love having nieces/these thoughts i love/ these thoughts are what get me through my days/ i am stuck, lonely ,cold and broken/i need her so much right now/but you could never tell/with out her i feel like dieing/and as if i cant do anything right now/now you no why my body is frozen in the past/where on the inside im dieing/and when its just those memories/it gets me through my days/and even when i feel/ the escrushiating pain/ on the out side i am still smiling/i am and forever will be/ stuck, lovely, cold, and broken

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this poem is about the death of my mom and how i feel of her loss i may have spelt things wrong but thats just how it sonds to me sry but when i first wrote this poem i was very sick mentaly not anymore as much i mean im ont ganna lie i still get my bad ways but i am better i am stuck, lonely, cold, broken love you all ~kelly

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