I Am Strong

I Am Strong.

Day by day,

Night by night,

Always wondering what started the fight.

Not knowing if everything

would turn out okay,

praying we would make it

to see the next day.

He would swear

and yell,

he made that house

a living hell.

I would pray for it to stop

because I just wanted to sleep,

I was only eight years old

but I couldn't count sheep.

My mind was too worried,

too scared to think straight

until one night we got up and left,

when it was super late.

My mom and I ,

just us two

scared and worried,

I would jump at the words 


Years later now

we've built a new life

she found a great man

and is now his wife

He's the best dad I could ask for

I love him to death

now my mom and I

can finally take a breath.

I am strong

because I survived

a heartless man,

with a crazy mind.

More mature now,

with a bright future ahead

I sit here at night

and think in my head,

how lucky I am

to have gotten out,

My mom and I happy

now with no doubts.


The next time you feel sad 

and your night has been too long

just take a deep breath and say  

"I Am Strong."


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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