I Am Still Special


Without all of those special effects and techniques, 
I am not afraid of any words of critiques. 
I am still the same girl with the many flaws.
I have dark circles, acne, and an uneven skin tone.
But I know that there is more to me than what you saw.
You cannot judge me simply by my look, 
For it is not suffice until you read my inner book. 
You see, I am a girl with a lot of dreams and passions.
So, how is it fair for you to base me on one impression?
A picture can be edited and made to perfection, 
But what is so good about a two-dimensional reflection?
I am more than that, more than what any 
pixelated image can tell of me to you and plenty.
I dream and strive for great degrees.
One in the medical field, one for the fashion industry.
I know I have a long way to go, but nothing is stopping me.
There is a lot I have to offer, you just have to wait and see.
There are some parts of me that I am still figuring out, 
But I know I love mysteries and helping people, no doubt.
Many people think that I am shy because I do not talk a lot.
But that is a misconception, I just prefer my train of thoughts.
I do not rely on my physical appearance for my self-worth.
I know that I am kindhearted and have a purpose on Earth.
Filters and picture-perfect methods are not essential,
Because without them, I know that I am still quite special.
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