I am... soul-searching?


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You can find me in between the words

soul scout 



in the Merriam Dictionay,

but the definition you seek

is only of society's criterion of me.


Not my true soul.


You see,

it's been that way all my life,

casted out,


punched and kicked

all because I wanted to be me.




For many years I wore society as a shield

to keep my true self concealed

but all this facade did was give me

social anxiety.


I suffered a great deal

and what did it yield?;

A lot of stress

No friends

No social life

A dead end

I was depressed

but I had to pretend

that everything was alright with me.


I knew something had to change

because it started to effect my future career

it caused me to drop out of high school,

so now how can I become an engineer?


How can I get into Spelman?

Georgia Tech? 

Emory University?

I must change my life,


I must set myself entirely free.


I'm now a soul seeker, 

and I make desicions that are true to me.

I rebel against society's rules,

and after 5 years I can genuinely say I'm happy.


I have a high school equivalency, 

and in college majoring in chemical technology.

To serve my community,

I help kids who were just like me, 

be the best "them" they can be.


So if you was to find me

in the dictionary,

I am the term soul-searching.

Being who I'm supposed to be.









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