I am Shielded fierce...warrior

When i think about myself, i do not see perfection What is there, perfected being at the best I do not have flawless skin and personality Neither body of kim Kardashian and famous singer No expensive paid car with mansion Although i wish,i had all that material I am not one of them, i am myself Completely embodied with carmel tone and curvish figure Bold dark eyes and baby like lips Such person thinks, it is good enough, I do not think so The scars ,bruises has history on me Over time, my persona change because i was overtly judge and rejected From the waist down to my mistakes, i frown on Because their opinions tell them, i am not their type Lucid,subjective theory They knowing nothing of the real type How could they know, what is perfect or not? The judgees may never know, i will say to their faces And their friends spaces to "I am not proud of my status,it is okay" In the world of living and beyond, God told me "I am perfect as Christian Because i have flaws and causes Those things amplified me to be more different than anyone Save by the breathe of holiness and unique own by him every day Everything he put in my way was tested and tools to make me better Your not perfect unless you have flaws and fight your own battle True word of bibble commend our trial I do not need plastic surgery and stereotypes, just to know who i am Jesus already told me and the society is fixed Beauty define within and you use make up to celebrate it I always strong fighter for love and adventure. I crave sweetest, success and Victorious Strong,shaken but not stirring women Young at heart Talent in words Still, i feel like girl at every heartbroken and misunderstood moment of my life I managed to be fierce individual, inside out My happiness must be flawlessly untouched I curl into shield against the world

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