I am seen by some

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 20:27 -- omurray


I am seen by some as a conscious brother who people can rely upon.

I am viewed by some as an ignorant, buffoon who don't know no better.

But who am I really?

Usually I'm a fun loving guy who enjoys hanging out and being around friends, and even learning!

Well except for when it comes to my shell.

In my shell I can be whatever I want, but...

As of lately there's been a crack in it you see.

The crack in my shell lets in all the negativity and terrible, terrible things that can really break a man down.

I am a slowly dying speciman inside of my shell.

My shell is virtually useless even if I get it fixed because I am too far gone; the damage is done.

My body in the shell is rather corroded because of all the awful energy leaking into my shell.

My heart is growing colder, but alhamdulilah if it were not for the rest of my shell being intact I would have become Iceman by now.

My brain is fogged with confusion and a million thoughts because of this disease invading my shell.

My lungs fill with smog as I struggle to breathe inside of my shell, and disintergrate with every forced breath.

My hands tremble in anger as I ball my fist because of all the pent up tension that I have been holding back ENRAGED because of this unforgiving disease.

When I'm in my shell my face is that of a war veteran who has seen unspeakable, ungodly things.

I cough up the blood of distaste and agony when I am in my shell because if I did that on the street people would stay away from me.

This is what I am in my shell as of late.


But you would never know that.

No you wouldn't.

I could be as optimistic President of the United States or Canada.

I could be as giddy as a school girl.

I could be as smilely as a toddler on training wheels.

You would never know that.

Because it's none of your business.

Unless you can fix the crack.

But I'm certain nobody can.

So I ignore it.

And move on with life.

I put on my game face, throw on the stunna shades, shake of the dust, and hell I even apply a little makeup (don't judge me).

And you would never know that in my shell I am a dying speciman.


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