I Am Resilient

The view from my branch

up high

though sitting alone

so lovely, but

I am hanging on to the branch

falling now

Seeing all that darkness I’d climbed from

approach again

And it isn’t the fall that kills

but the sudden Stop

When your own weight

becomes too heavy

And a force you can’t

talk into doing otherwise,

your Nature,

is your Downfall.


By now I expect the plunge

But that is not to say I am used to it

Nor am I ready to stop clinging

to that treacherous knotted bough,

the symbols of my being--

Memories of

lost companionship

severed ties and

Blurred revelry

and other heavy weights

I keep in my pocket

that speed the descent

and worsen the pain

at the Stop.


But broken limbs always heal

On the tree

and on my person

So how could I

How would I

stop climbing?


I am falling now

I have broken

But I will heal

I am resilient

and I will not let

a broken branch

break me for long

and I will keep chasing that beauty by the Sun

impossible venery

indescribable sublimity

and keep it for a while

for as long as I can

and keep climbing.



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