I am Resilience

To say what I am I must say what I'm not,

I must ruminate first about the things I have fought.

I am not a warrior but I feel that way still,

for my life has been a long battle up hill.

My life may have a perfect semblance,

Yet, my future is where I hold all of my reverence.

My future evinces an excitement in me,

it makes me feel less strained and as though I can breathe.

Someday I also would love to travel the globe,

In places I admire like Berlin, Paris, or Rome.

Before however, It was never a thought.

Because dreams were something I never had sought.

I was too busy growing up with a harsher past.

My father's presence never truly did last.

He left my life when I was eight,

And I never let that control my fate.

he was an abusive, deeply angry being,

but I stood tall without ever retreating.

what I mean to point out and make effortly clear,

is that I am not perfect and I to, hold engulfing fear.

For the future, for what is to be, 

but I never let that set back what is defined as me.'

And me? i am resilience

And I hope to someday turn that into brillance.


This poem is about: 
My family
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