I am Poetry

Broken girl meets broken poet,
Pieces stick back together,
Open hearts speak louder than actions,
Hands may not have touched,
But fates met that day.
Day 1:
"To This Day"
And from that day,
Its all I listened to.
Spoken word touched my heart.
Different day, different poet.
New poem, new sight.
Better idea, better writing.
Results in everything I did,
Looking at the world in color,
Looking at love as love,
Looking at life as an obstacle course,
Looking at you.... Not anymore.
With my head looking up,
Eyes shining,
Hands out stretched wide,
And heart open,
I learned from thar day I didn't need you.

Poetry, especially spoken word:
An under appreciated art form,
A "geeky" form of art,
An "unpopular" form of art,
A "stupid" form of art,
A "cliché" form of art.
If spoken word poetry is all those things then I want to be everything this world loathes;
Because now,
I am poetry.
And if that's what poetry is to people,
They're wrong.
Poetry is intelligent,
It knows no limits.
Poetry is strong,
And it doesn't even need to go to the gym.
Poetry is different,
No one goes through the same things.
Poetry is personal and heart wrenching,
You're not me and I'm not you.
Poetry is me.
I am poetry.

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