I Am The Ocean

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 18:37 -- Souls

Let me feel the motion.

Tears running black like its tar in the ocean.

What is humanity, i don't want to deal with emotions.

Fuck society, My heart leaks a dark potion, it can kill and resurrect Millions in a miller second.

My waves are shadows that are justing flowing.

I am poison, i am toxic and i reek of a loveless vervain.

Skin, flesh and bones all so decomposing with one vital kiss from my venomous lips. 

You can call my body winter i am always frozen.

My love is like wood i'll give your heart a splinter.

Cut me open i am already open as i am a wound who is never healing.

My eyes are compelling once you look there is no escape.

My voice has fire in it.

Once we are skin to skin flesh to flesh you'll scream like hell demons.

Once we are body to body i'll break you into the mountains and moans.

Once we are scar to scar i'll drown you into the ocean like a tide.

I'll craw into the back of your mind by slipping through your wind pipe & taking your oxygen and life.

I'll read your vitals as you surrender yourself to me.

I'll find the rhythm of your heart and with every beat i'll pound until i stop it.

Cause Innocence your a now the Darkness, Dark Queen Of Mine. 


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