I Am Not What You Think



I am seen as untouchable. unbreakable. I am the girl who walked through fire, I am the girl who braved the storm. I am told every day that I am brave. noble. I am neither; I'm just doing the best I can. I am not untouchable. I am not unbreakable. I am a mess of scars and tangled thoughts, my mind troubled by "what if?" and "what now?"  I walked through the fire, made it out burned. I braved the storm, came out broken and bruised.   I am not brave. I am seventeen and scared. I am not noble. I'm just a person in over her head.  Nobody should have to feel alone, helpless. I'm just trying to be a light in the dark. I brighten the way and do my best to be there when I'm needed. I'm a beacon, I attract the broken, and when I save them, a part of me breaks. 


Need to talk?

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